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Mini Sites – Good or Bad

Should you build mini-sites

Mini-sites or separate domains can be beneficial in spreading viral content, but is it really necessary? The answer to this is a cliché: “It depends.” While there may be times that mini-sites can help in launching viral content, there are also instances that using them may not at all be a good idea. In search engine marketing and search engine optimisation, it’s all about suitability. Here are some of the reasons why you should or should not put content on mini-sites:

Pros of mini-sites/sub-domains

  • When you are trying to market a content that is not all that related to your main site, then it is a good idea to have another launching pad. In cases like these, it only makes sense to use a separate site to market an event or a product that is not closely related to your existing domain.
  • When your brand is not that catchy, mini-sites can be a great way to market content without making your audience feel like they are being marketed by a company. They will be more willing to link to you and spread your message
  • Mini-sites split your content when you want another spot on the top results. This helps in reputation management.

Cons of mini-sites

  • Mini-sites can also split the audience and therefore the link value. If by creating a new domain splits your link value, then you’re not at all helping your main domain and content rank better but are forced and burdened into ranking both sites. It this case, creating a mini-site may not be the best idea.
  • Splitting content on mini-sites may also pose a risk of virtualizing or sandboxing the new domain, meaning, there is a large possibility that the content won’t rank as strongly as your original domain, or worse, won’t rank at all.
  • Don’t lose your audience. Users who are not intuitive enough may not be able to cross the bridge between your sub domain and your original domain if you put too much on the satellite site. Remember if you visitor is satisfied with the data on the mini-site they may never go back to you original domain.

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