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How important is usability in the design of a Website?

Usability is an important aspect of web design. It delivers the easiness that is required to navigate through the website. Usability grants a clear way to present information so that there is no imprecision anywhere. Usability guarantees that the content on the website works on various devices and browsers. To put it in simple words, usability is everything that accounts for the easy use of the website.

How Important Is Usability?

Now-a-days web designers give a lot of importance to the usability aspect of a website or software. They use different innovative ways to make the web designs usable. Users want both efficiency and speed while interacting with a product or system in the website. Usability has advantages not only for the users but the providers also benefit in a number of ways. Here are some of the advantages of usability for both the users and the providers:

• They are able to load pages in the website with speed.
• They get the efficiency and effectiveness that they require for their online activity.
• Usability increases the trust of the users in the website or product that they search through.
• Usability aspect makes a particular products or website very popular among the potential users.
• There are minimum chances for the users to commit any error. Even if error occurs, it is not of a severe kind and can be easily recovered by the providers.
• The investment on the part of the providers is reduced as web development becomes easy in case of a usable web design.
• The profitability of the users increase as a usable web design reduces the cost of maintenance.

Usability makes the overall experience of the users very pleasant and enjoyable. Hence, if users are satisfied the providers definitely gain in numerous ways.

How to Make Websites More Usable?

Web Designers work on different aspects to make web designs usable. Here are some of the major ones:
1.) Knowledge of the Target Audience – It is very important to know who the target audience is for a particular website. Different kinds of audience or users have different kinds of needs and expectations from a website and each widely differs from the other. This knowledge helps the web developers to make the web designs in such a way to attract more and more audience to the site.

2.) Easy Site Navigation – This one of the major demands of all kinds of users. In order to increase the speed and efficiency of work easy and quick navigation is very significant. Navigation is just like a road map and so it has to be made easy to give proper directions to the users. Descriptive titles are preferred on navigation menu. The users generally avoid site with misleading and confusing navigations.

3.) Comprehensive Web Design – The web design should be clear, unambiguous and precise. The contents should be written in clear and straightforward language. There should be nothing in the website that can lead to confusion.

4.) Clear Call to Action – Call to action refers to that aspect of a web site that attracts the attention of the users to a website. The users should be able to recognise what the site is about and what it has to offer within a few seconds. Call to action should be made clear with proper colours, clickable buttons and tweaked texts.

Usability accounts for the major part of traffic to a website. Web designing companies strive for usability because user satisfaction is the ultimate motto of any web design. Ensure you choose your carefully, so that you do not have to compromise on the usability aspect of the website.

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